JUNG, consisting of brothers Tom and Henrik Ljungqvist, have returned with their sophomore album, Cause In The End You Know That Everybody Dies. The album includes a lead single of the same name, featuring eminent Swedish artist LOVA. With this release, JUNG have evolved their natural flair for crafting music, as atmospheric production and intoxicating vocals come together in perfect unison.

“LOVA and JUNG were signed around the same time, so we’ve definitely kept an eye on each other”, JUNG explain. “We’ve always loved her, both as a person and an artist; Therefore, it was so exciting to have LOVA with us on this album release.”

The album Cause In The End You Know That Everybody Dies is a combination of previously released EPs Jungle and She and contains star-studded collaborations with the likes of Joakim Berg, Lou Elliotte, composer LUCHS and more. The music on this album is about life and death, fear of what the future brings, and the challenges of the modern-day jungle. The music also encompasses the love they feel for family, friends and partners.

“Writing this album has been our therapy”, say JUNG. “It gave us strength and purpose, which we hope transpires through the music. The title Cause In The End You Know That Everybody Dies sums up the album in its entirety, and for us, it’s also a (positive) challenge – through all of the loss and grief that we bear, we still live on and continue to find meaning, happiness, and love”.


Cause In The End You Know That Everybody Dies is available to buy/stream now on all platforms: https://jung.lnk.to/Album.

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