Julia Messenger’s newest single ‘Fly Bird’ is just what the doctor ordered during this pandemic world.  Relationships are under strain as a result of the insufferable lockdowns and the mental health stresses that we are all going through. ‘Fly Bird’ is an artfully produced pop ballad with an expressive chorus hook. After a hypnotic and driving start, the vocals of Julia Messenger promise to take you on a journey of respectfully letting go of a loved one after the break down of a relationship. In rendering the soulful melody, Messenger, along with the brilliance of a tight rhythm section and lush acoustic instruments, takes the listener on a journey that whilst melancholic, also uplifts. The chorus “Fly bird away from the living” are lyrics that are sung with hope, and hold the potential to ease the pain of the listener experiencing the loss of romantic love. ‘Fly Bird’ was written by Julia for a friend of hers that had been going through a breakup due to her partner’s mental health. The introduction of the song is a downtempo, beat. Then, her vocals come in and sweetly serenade the listener with the beginning of a sad story: “It’s getting late and I am tired of this pain, energy is fading, nothing is the same.” She goes on to say that she feels lonely, even in her lover’s arms — although she knows that they are not the one to blame for these negative feelings. The instrumental accompaniment of the message she’s conveying perfectly undertones the bittersweetness of the lyrics. The music portrays the positivity of prioritizing oneself while simultaneously recognizing the sadness of leaving a partner. “Fly Bird” is the first single off of Julia Messenger’s upcoming album And We Danced.

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