Singer, songwriter and producer Jozem presents his self-produced debut album, it came to me in a dream.Haunting, atmospheric  and filled with layers of texture,  it came to me in a dream, is an exemplary in the alternative RnB world. Overflowing with his unique, intoxicating mix of neo-soul covered in a warm Lo-fi glaze.

An exquisite blend of electronic production, epic synth work and cinematic vocal effects, Jozem also embeds field recordings into his music, adding a depth of flavour and a nostalgic essence of his past. Forever encapsulating a feeling, a place, a memory, a precious moment in time within his music, taking the listener on an immersive journey with each and every track.

“ it came to me in a dream is a soundscape of the last decade of my life. It is a window into my soul. It touches on my dreams, my fears, my goals and aspirations. It covers pivotal moments in my life, such as reconnecting with the country that birthed me, and that which raised me, as I continue my yearning for something that feels like home, spiritually and physically. It touches on themes of emancipation of self as I examine my relationship with myself and those that I love, my relationship with my spirituality, my sexuality and my music, as I learn more about how I want to love and be loved. It is about facing my fears, facing the demons that haunt me at night, truly having a conversation with myself and ultimately working towards being my most authentic self whilst finding my purpose in this life. 

I produced this album in its entirety. Working on it over the past few years was a true lesson in exercising patience and letting go of the things that I have no control over. It was a lesson in trusting my own instincts, trusting my own voice and listening to what my soul had to say. The title ‘it came to me in a dream’ is in reference to my creative process, the organic way that this project came together, and the manner in which the melodies, lyrics and visions came to me, at times quite literally in my dreams. 

I hope people receive it with the love and vulnerability with which it was created. I hope people can relate to the joys and the struggles, that their experience listening to this music can be as cathartic and healing as it was for me.” – Jozem