Toronto based, (via Kenya & Rwanda) singer, songwriter, producer and artist Jozem has returned to share the cinematic and deeply self reflective new visual for single ‘Foreign’. Soul stirring, strange and uniquely exotic ‘Foreign’ is the lead single taken from his self produced debut album it came to me in a dream released in May. 

Drenched in a muted, moody colour scheme, ‘Foreign’ is all consuming, and thick with contemplation. The visual for ‘Foreign’ is yet another example of Jozems commitment to his artistry whilst adding another rich layer to the vivid tapestry of his album it came to me in a dream.

Commenting on the visual Jozem states,

“When we are young and impressionable, we learn to conform and mould ourselves into a form that is acceptable to others. When alone and often sleepless at night, we sometimes get to a crossroads where we are left unable to hide and are forced to face ourselves – our true selves – and face our demons, really confronting the elements of our being that we have been taught to  hide but that are ultimately part of who we are.

Helmed by Director Yù (Jessamine Fok), the video for ‘foreign’ highlights these themes of duality of self, a conflict between how you present yourself to the world and who you truly are, a recognition that the persona you have been putting up for the world to see may not be who you really are or who you want to be…”

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