With eclectic tastes and influences stemming from his colourful upbringing, Toronto-based artist (via Kenya and Rwanda), Jozem experiments with various elements to create a unique sound that is melded with allusive and personal lyrics.
Still something of a best-kept secret, Jozem has impressed audiences with his intimate and expressive performances, anchored by a voice rich in emotion and texture. His lyrics and sounds emanate from intense depth and contemplation, offering a brief glimpse into his soul, whilst leaving room for interpretation and self-application.

In life, with all its noise and distractions, it’s so easy to just keep going with the flow that you lose sight of your purpose and forget how you got to where you are. Jozem’s new song, “Foreign” is about being lost and getting to a juncture where you are forced to face yourself and the person you have become. You start questioning who you are and question the relationships with the people who you love.

With his sophomore project, ‘it came to me in a dream’ (May 20), Jozem hopes to extend fans a further glimpse into his world. He hopes that people receive it with the love and vulnerability with which it was created, and that people can relate to the joys and the struggles within – that their experience listening to this music can be as cathartic and healing as it was for him.