Joynoise is an alternative rock group from Orange County, California. Full of personality and passion, Joynoise is a force to be reckoned with—on and off stage. The band is taking 2022 by storm and released their debut record You’re Surrounded by the Best Around early this summer on June 10th.

Their new song “Pollen,” marks the start of what would be a “new” Joynoise. It represents the start of a completely different band moving forward.

The song is influenced by the actions of frontman Koch as well as other friends around him. It’s basically detailing the narrator’s descent into insanity as they desperately cry for help.

The beginning of You’re Surrounded by the Best was written after two of Koch’s relatives passed away. Pile that on top of a global pandemic, mass protests, and just coming of age, and you get the album.

“I want people to listen to me screaming my heart out and have it relate to them,” says Koch. “Whether they’re dealing with a death, angry at the government, or just dealing with their own demons. I want them to hear these songs and be like hey, this dude’s kinda pissed off too!”