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Indie-pop artist Josiah Mann has always been an underdog. Driven by passion and perfectionism, he’s defied outside expectations while pushing to fulfill inner ideals. Bullied and picked on in middle school, Josiah began studying martial arts after high school and won the Heavyweight Golden Gloves Championship at the age of 20. Josiah taught himself to code after dropping out of college and started earning 6 figures. By the age of 35 he had sold a software startup for 7 figures.

Josiah created a financially independent life for himself to realize his ambitious and heartfelt musical aspirations. His single, “Angel” seems to have had a little help from the heavens when writing it. “I wrote the song pretty quickly… It’s been 16 years so it’s hard to be certain, but I think I wrote it pretty quickly the morning following our first date. This was one of those songs that came quickly and was already pretty fully formed. This was the first love song I ever wrote and one of the first songs I ever finished.”

“Angel” is a sweetly soulful dose of indie-pop lavished with dreamy harmony vocals, smoky lead vocals, back porch acoustic guitar, and stately piano. The song bursts with new-romance euphoria, and the lyrics here poetically hopeful. “This song captures those feelings of going on a first date with someone you think you might marry,” says Josiah. The love story here has a happy ending. “Things have turned out better than I could have imagined. I’ve been married to a wonderful woman who is my best friend for 11 years.” The joy extends to Josiah finally having the infrastructure and self-made funding to support his wide-reaching artistic goals.

He crunched numbers to figure out how much he would need to record his debut album, Grace, the album’s accompanying film, and to market the whole project. He finished writing Grace at 21, and is now releasing at 37.

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