Josh Rose releases bold new single Heatwave, which in his words attempts to empower people using a sexual feminine energy. He is really spicing things up as he launches his music into the world, alongside Grammy Nominated Bradley Denniston, who produced the track. Watch out for this combo!

Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Josh Rose is a 26 year old songwriter & producer who writes Modern Rock records. When Josh left the Mormon church at the age of 17, he learned to use songwriting as an escape after being ousted by a community he had spent his entire childhood in. “For me, and for most people, music is a window to the soul. One that nothing else in life can ever match.” 

He is about to embark on his new endeavour with debut single Heatwave. The song threads the line of music and satisfaction, allowing Rose to express himself in a new way through the fictional female protagonist. The song is empowering through it’s raw, almost sexual energy.

Co-produced by none other than Bradley Denniston, a Grammy Nominated platinum producer who has credits on the Lego Movie soundtrack, Heatwave is already off to a great start. Comparisons could be drawn to Pop-Rock legends such as Imagine Dragons, COIN and more recently Maneskin, who are recreating what music can look like. Josh is following nicely in their footsteps.

Heatwave took a year from start to finish, but the key was waiting for Josh one night as he was falling asleep. A Eureka moment happened when the opening lyric popped into his head, fully formed. – “She takes a Tolerance”. This still remains his favourite lyric on the track.

Josh says about the song:

“Heatwave is a sonic exploration of the relationship between pain and pleasure. It documents a relationship of a girl who toys with you for her own pleasure, from the perspective of the pursuer who knows she’ll only cause pain, but continues the chase regardless. Borderline BDSM vibes, helping ladies feel badass.”

Listen below: