A forever love drunk crooner, addicted to the process of forming sound from silence, feeling and a passing vision, Joseph of Mercury holds the rare ability to reach and explore, both forward and back through time.

Dakota Luke Kavanagh was a “PRETTY BLONDE BOY.” He was lost to the first wave of fentanyl that now floods the streets of North America. To Joseph, he was a brother and his loss was devastating. Dmytro Stefaniv was a “PRETTY BLONDE BOY.” He was lost in the subsequent waves of fentanyl that continue to steal our brothers and sisters, mothers, fathers and children. He was Josephs oldest, closest and dearest friend. If there was a word beyond brother, he was that. They had known each other from the time of true innocence. His loss was and continues to be the deepest wound that Joseph bears. 

There is something very powerful and healing about the creation of art. “PRETTY BLONDE BOY is a testament to that. Dedicated to the memory of his “lost boys,” the hope is that “PRETTY BLONDE BOY” can inspire, soothe and support those confronted with similar pain, loss or crisis in their own lives.