To accompany the release of the hazy psychedelic sounds of Jonny Ong’s latest release, ‘Chloe’, comes a hypnotic visual which calls upon the traditions of the late sixties music scene.


It’s no secret that Jonny Ong is inspired by psychedelic music in everything he does. Discovering The Beatles is always a formative moment in everyone’s music journey, but for Ong, it stuck. The Doors, Pink Floyd and Ravi Shankar followed – and their influence is present in Ong’s music until this day.


Now, in ‘Chloe’, Ong turns his attention to the betrayal of a friend, in this sharply venomous song. A hazy instrumental will remind listeners of Link Wray, whilst the lyrics take cues from biblical metaphor to conjure the image of a fair-weathered friend. The video is a homage to the acid trip films of the sixties, with animated mandalas, interweaving imagery and trippy visuals all playing a part. 


The seductive sound of a trumpet catapults the song into psychedelic soul territory, with nods to the snake charmer traditions of the past, and brings the song full circle. Ong’s vision is singular, his songwriting is on point, and his talent as an arranger and musician is abundantly clear.


This is a feast for eyes and ears. Watch the video for Chloe now: