‘Fools’, the latest release from the psychedelia master Jonny Ong, sees him starting a conversation about the very existence of the human condition, and the shortcomings we all have no hope of avoiding. 


The song is full of honest observations on the human condition, and the video makes it clear that Ong counts himself amongst the “fools” of humanity. The video sees Ong chasing after a woman down deserted city streets and under the tranquil dappled light of a forest. The woman remains just out of his reach, a perfect metaphor for the impossible and unattainable goals we set for ourselves every day. 


This release follows the immense success of the psychedelic ballad, ‘Isolation’, which saw Ong lament on the loneliness he felt in the wake of a breakup. More universal in its themes and more confident in its delivery, ‘Fools’ now sees Ong step up and wax philosophical as he takes it upon himself to dissect the state of the world. Ong has already had an impressive backing from tastemakers such as Music of the Future, Fame Magazine and Prog Rock Little Place, amongst countless others. 


You can watch the video for ‘Fools’ below and follow Jonny on his socials to stay up to date on upcoming releases!