Singer-songwriter Jonny Ong has dropped his new single ‘Chloe’ following previous tracks ‘Fools’ and Isolation. With the rhythmic bass and percussion, the intro sounds like a John Barry film score for a film such as The Ipcress File or Funeral In Berlin which starred Sir Michael Caine as the no-nonsense secret agent Harry Palmer. 

Looking at ‘Chloe’ from a lyrical perspective Ong has realised that a female he was previously involved with actually had a dark personality as he concludes “I never saw you for a snake that was my only mistake” in his signature lead vocal. 

The use of silvery trumpet is reminiscent of Pete Rodriguez’s ‘I Like It Like That’ and helps create an atmosphere (on a side note, Jonny Ong loves contemporary jazz and cites Miles Davis as an influence). 

If you enjoy the vocals of Frankie Goes To Hollywood then Ong’s voice may be right up your street as halfway through the song an electronic pop keyboard soars like a majestic phoenix to create an upbeat dance beat that you cannot help but tap your feet too. 

To summarise, Jonny Ong has this ability to pen songs about the human condition that people can really connect with emotionally as many people have been around a ‘Chloe’ type individual at one time or another. With material of this quality, the idea of a full body of work in the shape of an album is a very exciting prospect.