Gearing up to release another addition to her long line of material, folk-rock artist Jonatha Brooke latest EP ‘Imposter’ pushes Brooke’s twenty year long music career to places it has never been before by blending together shimmering pop, gypsy swing and anti-folk sounds. 

The five track EP starts out with the title track ‘Imposter’, a song written for Brooke’s NYC Song Club. Analysing her tendency to be her own harshest critic, lyrically this song is a scrutiny of her very own insecurities and an in depth analysis of constantly feeling inadequate. Musically, the track starts with a descending string introduction which transitions into a passage where the instrumentals intensify to create this dynamic force of rhythmic sounds which allow Brooke’s smooth vocals to bleed their way into the track.   

The EP features other additions ‘Fire’, ‘Twilight’, ‘Revenge’ and closer ‘True To You’, all tracks empowering and fierce by nature. All displaying Brooke’s expert musicianship and intelligent lyricism, the tracks accumulate to create an EP thats an arms wide open, embrace all offerings that encourages us all to step outside our comfort zones and live life as authentically as possible.  

With the release of ‘Imposter’ forthcoming on November 15th at this stage in her career, the more and more new material Jonatha puts out it becomes ever more impressive of how far she has come in the last two decades both musically and non musically. From having co-written a track with Katy Perry to penning a song for a famous Disney film and winning the award for Best Artist at the International Acoustic Music Awards to putting on a show stopping Broadway musical it seems ‘Imposter’ is the next mind boggling step in the life and career of Jonatha Brooke.