With a career spanning over two decades and over ten albums released, the long line of material continues for Folk-Rock artist Jonatha Brooke as she releases brand new EP ‘Imposter’. The five track body of work is a warm embrace to all things that encourage everybody to take a leap outside of our familiar comfort zones and to simply be as true to ourselves as possible, and comes as Brooke prepares to perform at The Islington on September 28th.

Having spent the past 20 years developing an excellent musicianship, it’s easy to see why Jonatha Brooke is such an established artist. Innovating the Folk-Rock scene since the 80’s with her poignant lyrics and intricate harmonies, Brooke’s impressive back catalogue of albums to opening her own indie record label Bag Dog Records in the 90’s alongside debuting her one woman musical ‘My Mother has Four Noses’ back in 2014 have led to Jonatha garnering an increasingly loyal fanbase, who have supported her musical endeavours up until Jonatha’s most recent EP release ‘Imposter’.

Following up from the success of 2016 release ‘Midnight. Hallelujah’ this EP sees Jonatha carry through her flair for intelligent lyricism and impassioned sound. Title track ‘Imposter’ is a slow builder, with an opening of string instruments starting the track off soon gaining momentum to burst into an intense rhythm section. Then with a flick of a switch this intensity turns quickly to a passionate outpouring of emotions, with Brooke’s smooth vocals exploring the notion of inadequacy and not being enough to satisfy the standards others expect of you.

Further down the track listing and following numbers ‘Twilight’, ‘Fire’, ‘Revenge’ and ‘True To You’ truly reflect the lyrical talent this musician holds. ‘Twilight’ with its candid juxtaposing portrayal of both forgiveness and hurt, ‘Fire’ with its ferociousness to empower its listener, Joe Sample co write ‘True To You’ and lastly ‘Revenge’ being a bold song with an even more daring storyline that focuses on the inclusivity of revenge, are all prime examples showcasing the musical versatility of this singer-songwriter.

As always, Jonatha Brooke’s ability to write heart rendering lyrics and produce infectiously catchy material are on full display in the ‘Imposter’ EP set to be fully released November 15th.

Check out the EP’s eponymous, and first to be released, single below and head here for anymore information