Jonatha Brooke is back – and this time it’s with a lesson which we all need to learn… How to be honest with ourselves.


This acclaimed singer-songwriter has proven once and again over the years that she has a piercingly accurate gaze when it comes to astute lyrical content, and her latest EP, Imposter, is no different. 


The title track alone speaks to a universal theme of self-criticism and imposter syndrome. Felt by many but talked about by so few, Brooke lifts the curtain and puts into remarkably intuitive words what many of us have been struggling with for years, if not generations. Beginning with an inquisitive-sounding descending string section, the song makes use of Brooke’s powerhouse vocals with sparse instrumentation, really allowing these fantastic lyrics to take the centre stage here.


The rest of the EP is similarly bare-all, the perfect antidote to today’s world, in which we all continually display a fun-filled facade on social media and never let anyone see behind the mask. Jonatha Brooke doesn’t just take her mask off, she discards it in a pile with everyone else’s and sets it on fire. It’s time to bare-all, and this EP encourages just that.