Having experienced it all from working with singing idol Katy Perry to running her very own Bad Dogs record label for noted musician Jonatha Brooke she has been through everything the music industry has thrown her way. Now returning with new EP ‘Imposter’ this release is yet another extension into the unbelievable back catalogue of Brooke. 

Five-track EP ‘Imposter’ is an arms wide open, embrace all offering that encourages us all to step outside our comfort zone to live as authentically as possible. The eponymous title track was written for Brooke’s NYC Song Club where she had promised to deliver something new every two weeks. ‘Imposter’ was her first contribution and analyses her tendency to be her own harshest critic.

Starting with a descending string introduction, the song soon intensifies with the introduction of a dynamic rhythm section and Brooke’s sultry and smooth vocals. A passionate exploration of feeling inadequate, the track is raw in its honesty and relatable in its sentiment. “Runs in the family I come from a long line of pretenders”, sings Brooke in a way that means the lyrics are felt as much as they are heard.

At its core it’s an EP about love, acceptance, and resolution, and it shows the true flexibility and versatility of this talented artist and musician.

Listen to title track ‘Imposter’ below.