Jon Steele is a unique singer-songwriter who uses his life in the Air Force and other life experiences to shape and mold his music. Steele’s lyrics capture insights about living life as an outsider, the beauty and peace found in nature, and other erudite life observations. He takes inspiration from musicians such as Rush’s drummer and primary lyricist Neil Peart, and Bruce Springsteen.

His single, “In A Soldier’s Stance,” is a captivating pop rock song that grabs your attention from the very beginning. With sounds more reminiscent of 70’s rock, it chronicles the life of a soldier and how his stance and mentality can carry over into civilian life. He sings raw lyrics like “In a soldier’s stance, I take chances no one takes” and In a soldier’s stance, I have strong beliefs with little relief.” He’s giving a vulnerable perspective that all too many face. His use of repetition, both musically and lyrically, enforces the military lifestyle. It symbolizes the focused structure in the military that isn’t necessarily there in civilian life. It’s the mentality that a soldier can’t quite shake. He even uses the marching drum beat to symbolize that military life even further.

“In A Soldier’s Stance” is deeply personal to Jon. He says “This song lyrically is about my time in The Air force as a soldier and how I developed a thought disorder (Schizoaffective) with my time in the military. The thought disorder made me very creative about things that either did happen or could happen in the military, almost like prophetic and Lammy truths to the thoughts. Predictions of how the world will evolve based on my thought disorder and real life experiences grow with past, present and future illusions of how something should be. Like a real life ideation.”

This is a personal song to Jon Steele, it’s raw and vulnerable. While the music is upbeat, the message is anything but. It’s moving and powerful songwriting. He makes light in the dark. I would add this song to my playlist anyday. 

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