In need of a captivating alternative musical escape? Look no further, as indie artist John Taglieri has just released his latest single, “Talking To Myself Out Loud.” Hailing from the great state of New Jersey,  but now living in Boston, John has successfully sustained his independent musical career for 21 years and counting.

John’s intriguing story will surely inspire any musicians out there who have been told that they cannot succeed. After releasing fourteen albums throughout his 21-year-old career, working with world-renowned artists,  and scoring 2 Billboard-charting singles, John was told by doctors that he had permanently damaged his vocal cords, and would never be able to sing again. 

He proved them all wrong by working hard for five years to recreate his old sound. “Talking to Myself Out Loud” is the story of John’s journey back into the musical world. “There were a lot of late nights looking in the mirror telling myself that I wasn’t done and I would find a way back. It took five years and a lot of musical introspection, but I never gave up,” says John.

The track begins with a lovely electric piano chord progression reminiscent of Clairo or Frank Ocean. Shrouded in majestic synths, electric piano, and mellow acoustic guitar, John sings, “I’ve been lying, I’ve been trying, I’ve been hiding, talking to myself out loud.” These lyrics embody the self-reflection that John experienced during his five-year hiatus — and quite frankly, we could all use his words of wisdom.

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