There seems to be a whole new realm of R&B taking charge in 2022, and multi-talented Indian artist Johnny Kulo is at the forefront of it. Concocting a sumptuous blend of R&B, soul and pop sensibilities, he has a clear direction sonically and that has ran true in his new single ‘Poseidon’. With groove-laden bass, relaxing percussive elements and of course, Kulo’s smooth vocal sitting so seamlessly on top of proceedings, the overall offering hits that sweet spot that sits so rightly in-between all three genres.

‘Poseidon’ will no doubt settle you in for an easy listening and immersive experience. With afresh new approach to his relentless craft, Kulo is planning on releasing more music in 2022 and we can’t wait to hear what’s next. And with him jumping on a new release so soon after his EP released lat last year, we’re that this will be the case.



Speaking on his creation process, Kulo says:

“I was messing around, layering, chopping and flipping up guitars I recorded and that ended up serving as the base for the track. I sent it over to a childhood homie of mine who hit me back with a hook and a verse within an hour or so. And that was it for me, the hook drove everything else, the direction was clear. The rest of the production was just as simple as putting together pieces to a puzzle cause the song already existed in its entirety as soon as I had the hook. I decided to leave enough space in the mix for me to say what needs to be said in the verses. No track of mine is complete without August Ingram’s production and sonic design. I also got to collaborate with the one and only Johnny Ganta who created the incredible album art.”