John Vento is back with his new single ‘No One Wears a Watch Anymore’ – and on the new track, Vento’s brand of social consciousness, ingenious lyrics and rock vocals are right at the forefront. Starting out with a whimsical folk guitar introduction, ‘No One Wears a Watch Anymore’ quickly finds its footing and shifts into gear, displaying more of that classic John Vento thought-provoking charisma (“Integrity falls from grace/Headlines full of lies/No one wears a watch anymore/And everyone’s on the fly”). Vento does a great job of capturing these messages without overriding the listening experience – ‘No One Wears a Watch Anymore’ still retains a sense of fun and excitement with unique lyrics that are distinct to Vento’s style (“The captain has one last cigarette/Before he leaves the game”). We could easily see this song being a hit across dive bars and parties, as it’s fun enough to groove to, and memorable enough to learn the lyrics to. A real highlight of the song comes in at just over 2 minutes in, when a jovial instrumental solo takes over the mood and raises the excitement level another notch. One of the best lyrics on this track? “The world has turned so dark/Or are these the best of times?”. With everything going on in the world right now – sometimes it really is hard to tell. ‘No One Wears a Watch Anymore’ by John Vento is out now.

–Fred Effendi