John Loughlin

John Loughlin is a songwriter, composer, musician and plays guitar/bass/keyboards/drums.
Genres include:
Rock/Blues/Metal/Progressive/Christian/Film-TV-Gaming-Internet Scoring.

He grew-up in California, heavily involved in the San Francisco Rock scene. He now lives in music central, Austin, Texas.
His years of song writing, studio recording, and performing live in rock, blues and metal bands, have established his musical talents into the music community.

His wide-range of music style and genre diversity, demonstrates John’s ability to explore new and limitless areas of songwriting.

John’s dedicated passion to bold yet detailed progressive and ever changing melody, harmony and percussion continues to evolve.

Some of his newest and varied song instrumental releases include:

1) All Fired Up – Fast-paced upbeat energetic Jazzy Blues groove.

2) British Invasion Sixties Style – Energetic fast-paced upbeat Rock typical of the 1960’s British invasion music era in the U.K.

3) Satans Grip Is Breaking – Progressive experimental psychedelic Rock Metal Fusion.

4) Battlefield Tested – High energy 1970’s style Hard Rock with a Blues Funk vibe.