Written by: Melanie Gomez

John Hickman is an indie rock/classic rock/alternative rock singer and songwriter from Maui, Hawaii who believes that with the right inspiration and skill set, musical dreams can be done at any time in life. It’s positivity like that, that you hear within John’s newest single “Hello Hello.”

Listening to the track, music lovers are taken back to the musicals days of the 1960’s and 1970’s. We can’t help but be reminded of The Beatles “Hello Goodbye” every time John sings a line starting with “Hello, hello.”

While the song may remind us of The Beatles, the music video for “Hello Hello” on the other hand tells a story about a woman and a man starting a journey together, along with all the precious moments that come along with it. Although the video is a live action one, it also features the characters as sketched drawings, thanks to director Liam Morgan.

For Hickman, writing songs and recording music has been very enjoyable to him. “Just being able to take an idea that starts forming in my head and then to develop that into a complete song.” he said. “Sometimes things can change course along the way in the creation of a tune, resulting in some interesting new developments as new ideas come to mind.”

If you want to enjoy a cheerful happy song or love artists like David Bowie, Styx, Rush, Beatles, Green Day, and/or Coldplay, check out the video for “Hello Hello” below!