Off the back of a string of gentle R&B releases, powered by a bad breakup Jessica Nicole Brown is now back with a ferocious new sound on the explosive single ‘Hoopla La La’.

Blending elements of Rock, R&B, Hip-Hop with a smattering of Punk attitude, ‘Hoopla La La’ possesses a fiery intensity which drives it forward and fuels the anger at the heart of the track. Moments of screamo are scattered among Jessica’s biting, sarcasm tinted flow as she goes in on an ex – the vocal performance alone holds an intense sense of catharticism which makes gives the whole track an entrancing glow. Verging on rock with its use of heavily distorted guitars and fuzzy bass, the tracks blend of instrumentation allows it to float effortlessly between genres in an unforced manner.

Speaking about the track Jessica adds:

“I went through many different drafts, but the constant was the feeling of rage or hatred towards someone who said they loved me… I just imagined it with obnoxious 808s and a rock flair. I also heard it having somewhat of a pop/punk attitude in my delivery.

Picture this song being recorded after I was put through hell and now, I’m back to return the favor.”

Listen below: