San Antonio’s very own Jeremy Parsons is ready to deliver the goods after months upon months of singles. His latest album, Things To Come, is a ten-track effort that shows the best of the Texan’s “smooth as butter” vocals and the care he has for his craft. Just to start off, the title track serves as the first song on the album, and soothes the listener into the world Parsons has created for the record. An ode to all the things to come into his life, he sings of appreciation for life’s ups and downs and the rollercoaster ride that is ahead for him and those he loves. Singles like “Tragedy” and “Good Ole Days” are still standout tracks as well, but deeper cuts such as “Sit and Spin” and “Looking Back” still offer the sound Parsons has mastered over his lengthy career. The best is truly still yet to come for the singer-songwriter, but this is certainly a notable entry in his historic discography!

–Colton Devonshire