Jerad Finck, voice of a generation, is back with his latest philosophically-driven track, ‘New Kids’.


Fresh off the back of its unprecedented success in the States, ‘New Kids’ is a track which has already amassed over 200,000 Spotify streams in a version of the track remixed by popular UK duo Seawaves. Proceeds from this version were all donated to Everytown for Gun Safety, a non-profit close to Jerad’s heart. This philanthropic effort is not the only thing which sets Jerad apart from the rest of the pack.


‘New Kids’ is a song which demands to be listened to. From the get-go, the pounding bass mixed in with Finck’s unique lyrical style and technical know-how make for a special kind of sound. But the lyrics are where this track really stands out. In Jerad’s own words, this song is “aimed at my generation” and speaks about standing up and standing together in the face of adversity.


A true call to arms, the song’s hook, “we are the new kids” speaks to a generation of game-changers, the sort of listener who aims to make a change in a world which so often pushes the youth to one side. The lyrics come in the form of a rallying cry – “time to rise up, gonna hear our voices” is sung over what is an undeniably anthemic mix of synths, guitars and handclaps before the bass kicks back in and we are swept up in the picture Finck paints of a future which could be ours for the taking, if only we could put aside our differences and work together to bring it into being.


A true must-hear track, and one which deserves its every success, now and in the future.


Watch the lyric video below!