Spokane born singer Jerad Finck has released his soulful next single titled ‘Home’. Lyrically a song that aims to find Finck’s sense of purpose, instrumentally synth driven, and vocally an overwhelming emotional delivery by Jerad himself. This new installment in the long line of material leading on from previous tracks including ‘Runaways’ and ‘Criminal’ however, ‘Home’ takes an overall chilled electro pop route.

Introducing the song, the first few opening sequences of ‘Home’ give both an ambient and spine tingling feel immediately. Firstly, a strong synth driven sound seeps in slowly, adhering to this section of the song’s downtempo vibe. Joined not long after by a band of electronic beats, its evident from the get go that ‘Home’ is taking a largely electronic dominated sound.

As the song moves into its first verse, the pace of the track remains generally slow and steady. Executing this free flowing tempo an ultimate combination of mellow melodies and rumbling bass lines stay put throughout the verse to create an atmospheric tone to this part of the track.

Coming onto the pivotal point in any single the chorus and it seems there has been an underlying air for Jerad to burst into an outpouring of emotions. As the dynamic of the song switches with instrumental reverbs ringing around the chorus, Finck brings out his extensive vocal range and full bodied harmonies to passionately deliver lyrics. Written by Jerad alongside his team of writers/mixers Steven Soloman and Jake Newton that openly discuss personal matters from feeling wanted to be struggling with purpose, Jerad Finck goes onto question his motives in life singing “These questions in my mind/ They’re keeping me up all night/Is this really over?/ It can’t be over.”
For Jerad Finck it seems ‘Home’ is the kickstarting of a new musical era for the singer. Now newly signed to One RPM this is just the start in a new career driven chapter.