Toronto-based singer-songwriter Jenn Nucum’s songs encompass her experiences as a queer Filipina woman: assimilating to achieve validation, feeling alienated amongst her peers, and the anxieties of editing or censoring herself to blend in.

Her playful follow-up single, “Five-Year Plan,” is inspired by the often toxic 9-to-5 work culture and looking at it through a critical lens.

“Not to be facetious, but when I was writing this song, I felt pop-ish and playful with it in a ‘fuck capitalism’ and ‘fuck the corporate machine’ kind of way,” explains Nucum. “It’s a mix of being nonchalant but still very much annoyed with capitalist-hierarchical-bureaucratic bullshit.”

“In my corporate career, I went through severe burnout and stress that led me to come home from work crying almost every night for several weeks,” said Nucum. “I eventually developed anxiety and had to go to therapy in order to be able to function as a human being. Anxiety is something I’m still managing to this day and I recognize it may never go away. This is reality for countless people working in the corporate world, where employers prioritize profits and their “five-year plan” over the health and wellbeing of their workers.”