Jem returns and is ready to present the debut four track visionary EP ‘Don’t Let Me Disappear’. Featuring the Middle eastern percussion and haunting backing vocals of ‘Secrets’ alongside the rich, Radiohead influenced ‘Lost’ which oozes 90s alt rock. Now, in order to complete the odyssey are the two unreleased pieces, the single ‘Do I Wanna Know’ and the deeply personal and innocently-honest ‘Paranoia’.

Describing his music as ‘for the lost souls desperately searching for meaning in life.’  Jem is not here simply to create music. With every offering he dives into the depths within, each time bringing a new world to the surface. Unafraid to visit places and play with intonations that may be unfamiliar, unusual or even uncomfortable, Jem is unapologetic and unafraid in his authenticity, representing the embodiment of what it truly means to be an artist, in all its entirety.

‘Don’t Let Me Disappear’ is an eclectic medium of transportation whilst showcasing Jems innate understanding to display sensitivity within his expression, this project serves as a delicate bridge between worlds.


“Recording my EP  was one of the most spiritual experiences I’ve ever had. Since I was really  young, music made me feel closer to a force beyond the human ego could ever reach. I am forever grateful for the serenity, joy, and sweet melancholy that music has brought into my life.


‘Don’t Let Me Disappear’ is the completion of songs I’ve written before and during the pandemic. It’s a combination of feelings and some musical notes which transformed me into the musician I am today! In a world where emotions are often mistaken as a weakness, I’ve never wished to stand back to talk about how I feel, and with time music became an outlet to express my emotions and grow free from my pain -from melancholy to euphoria.”  – Jem



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