Jelly Kelly is far from your average New York band. On the heels of their new album release “Body Temp” which saw the light of day earlier this month, the band shares their latest single today “First Time in Forever.”

Started by Keith Kelly (vocals/guitar), initially as a side project from singing and playing guitar in Monogold, this has now become its own entity and band.  Jared Apuzzo (drums), Nicolas Dube (guitar) and Dom Bodo (bass) round out the lineup.  Their first EP Fresh Paint was welcomed with great reception, followed by a quarantine record of B sides called ” O Earth You Mean The World To Me”, where 100% of all proceeds went to various causes.  “Body Temp,” is a bold and vibrant record which brings the true essence of the band to life. From start to finish the album is indie rock perfection, which is highlighted by “First Time in Forever.” The vibrancy of the track brings a dose of indie nostalgia which will have you head over heels for Jelly Kelly.
With brilliant tones that weave throughout, the track has an impeccable beat that is combined with fitting lyricism.  “First Time in Forever,” is bold and danceable, with a little darkness that peeks in. On their way to becoming your new favorite band, Jelly Kelly outdoes themselves time and time again.
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