Jason DeGeorge has always had a fascination with instrumental music, as is evident in his guitar adaptation of Nothing At All by Ben Harper & Charlie Musselwhite. He acknowledges it takes an incredible amount of talent to write and express lyrics in song form, however, DeGeorge also sees being able to express a song through the use of instruments alone as a talent in its own right. DeGeorge asks, “But how does a composer express meaning and emotion without words? Expressing happiness, sadness, love, etc.?” To that end, he contends, “It has been my life’s work to learn how to compose music in this fashion.” DeGeorge has had the opportunity to work with artists such as October Rose, Leanne Weiss, and Lauren Marsh on her album Veracity.

DeGeorge’s cover of the single, Nothing At All, craftily showcases the organ, piano, electric guitar, bass and drums. Incorporating these instruments delivers a chill and relaxed vibe at the onset of the song before introducing a more robust sound in the middle. The electric guitar takes over, with drums and piano lightly accompanying in the background. The song then reverts back to its chill and relaxed vibe as it comes to a close. Similar to instrumental tracks by artists such as The Cab, Anberlin and Saosin, DeGeorge is able to beautifully piece together all of the instruments, immersing the listener in his sound.

DeGeorge perfectly executed and delivered on the cover of Nothing At All. In his words, “The best musicians view themselves as songwriters as well as players. No matter how many cool licks or riffs I come up with, I always ask myself is there a song here? Only when I can answer that question with a yes can I move forward to technique. Then it’s just time to have fun playing the guitar!” By incorporating various elements, Jason DeGeorge sealed the deal on a well-done cover.

We look forward to his upcoming projects. In the meantime, the single, Nothing At All, is available on Spotify, YouTube and SoundCloud.

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