Jasmine Thakral, the indie-pop artist from the UK, has dropped her highly anticipated single entitled “Turning 23”, coming off the momentum of her debut single, “Running In A Haze”. Her second single is a song inspired by her own journey of discovery, it’s about questioning your direction in life and where you think you’re supposed to end up. She sings “I’m turning 23 and I’m kinda wondering what the hell I’m supposed to be by now,” to a bubblegum pop melody.

The song’s message is that you’re bound to question what you’re doing and your direction in life,” shares Jasmine. “But I also wanted anyone listening to the song who feels uncertain in their life to know that I feel exactly the same way!”

She welcomes you into her headspace while simultaneously sharing your own headspace. Everyone has gone through this period, especially during the global pandemic. Lots of young people have questioned and rethought what they are meant to do and who they’re meant to be. While they are resilient due to the pandemic shaping their professional lives, they still have no idea what the future holds.

This Taylor Swift meets Maggie Rodgers type of song is bound to impact many young men, women and humans. It’s far too relatable for all of us, and the way Thakral digs deeper into her own emotional process, really exemplifies the youth of today, showing happiness on the outside but broken down and confused on the inside. The music is extremely symbolic (as only an English Lit major can intend),  with an initial upbeat tune but pessimistic lyrics. This track is one of our favorites of the year, and we’re really excited to watch Jasmine Thakral’s career blossom. 

Stream her newest single here: https://linktr.ee/jasminethakral