Written by: Melanie Gomez

January Zero is a Virginia melodic indie folk rock consisting of Gareth Phillips (guitar, vocals, piano, synth), Dan Piccolo (drums), Jim Roll (organ), and Noelle Beverly (vocals).

“Gravity” off of their latest album, The Long Radio Silence, is truly a feel-good track thanks to Gareth’s vocals along with the peaceful tones of an acoustic guitar in the background. It’s just one of those tracks that we feel like we’d listen to while sipping a hot cup of coffee at a Starbucks with friends.

Lyrically, the song seems to be all about caring for someone and making sure that they’re safe with lyrics like, “It’s so cold tonight, and the night / has been going on since the world began / So wear a thick jacket, don’t stay out long,” and “Don’t go back and comb those roads / all hours of the night.”

Gareth began writing and recording music in college, pursuing his love for music at the MFA program at George Mason University. He then began recording demos which ended up being on The Long Radio Silence. Pretty cool right? Hard work surely does pay off.

If you purchase or listen to The Long Radio Silence, you’ll get to witness a collection of wistful musings on loss and the ironies of self-discovery. You can also catch January Zero’s second album sometime in the Spring of 2018.

You can purchase The Long Radio Silence as well as listen to “Gravity” and the rest of the album below:

1.  Gravity
2.  Jackie Paper
3.  Going Quietly
4.  The Borrowed Lives
5.  Desperation Shuffle
6.  After Christmas
7.  Decrescendo

January Zero: