Christmas is about family, and giving…but for kids, it’s all about GETTING. Our new holiday song is about the Nintendo 64 meme kid, and that glorious feeling of another Christmas conquered.


With Jay McCarrol in the producer seat and Thomas D’Arcy (who’s done cool stuff with Neko Case, July Talk, The Sheepdogs, BROS) helming engineering, recording ‘I Want It Bad” was all about creating that feeling of nostalgia when we think of running to open our gifts as a kid on Christmas morning.


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It was a blast working on this with Jay; he’s a monster musician and has such great improv skills.

It’s not always like this, but “I Want It Bad” came together FAST. We bounced chord progressions and lyrics off one another at such a high speed that it’s kind of a blur how it all came together like it did. Our new friend, Jared Raab, snapped the album cover photo.

Once it was done, we knew we had something special. The song touches on all the Christmas greed you feel as a kid, but then reflects on how – as you get older – excitement and greed transform into yearning for togetherness and that nostalgic, child-like Christmas spirit.

Hope you enjoy as much as we did making it!

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