It’s called Passing Protagonists. It’s ten songs, and is my biggest statement yet in my still relatively new chosen medium of songwriting:

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The title – Passing Protagonists – is because most of the songs are sketches of people I encounter while going about my day. Each person believes they are the lead character in their own novel, and they often assign a comical sense of weight to the perceived burdens they bear, or the labors they engage in, or successes they feel define them. It all seems so real and concrete to them, yet without their telling it to themselves and others, it wouldn’t exist.

All of my songs sound different, so it’s best if you can get a fuller experience. That said, there’s a unifying thread in terms of topics discussed, as well as the produced, electronic soundscapes, combined with pop music-influenced emphasis on the vocal.

I’d like you to get a sense of my world view, which involves a fair bit of humor, cynicism, sentimentalism, confusion, and, above all, a critique of individuals’ precarious sense of self-importance.

Thanks for listening!
I hope you enjoy.

Jack Moves

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