Don’t Let the Moon Die Young,” the first single from my debut album, Passing Protagonists (due March 6th), is a collection of musings on the human condition; more specifically, the “Western” condition.

With this song, I sought to explore the fragility of the youthful state of mind, and it’s so very fleeting and temporary nature.

The track was self-produced, seeking to channel and intensify a mixture of pop with prog subtleties. It’s lyrics introduce you to a number of characters on the album, including the Midnight Boys and the Girl with the Broken Heels.

I hope you come away from hearing “Don’t Let the Moon Die Young” feeling the romance and allure of youth. This song embodies the promise of the night.

I look forward to sharing more of Passing Protagonists with you ahead of the album’s release.

Thanks for listening,

Jack Moves


Special thanks to Live In Limbo for the official premiere:

Song Premiere : “Don’t Let the Moon Die Young” – Jack Moves