George Collins has always explored many interests. As a student in North Carolina, he explored his love for music to pay his way through school. He was even part of an eleven-piece Earth, Wind & Fire-esque band called Common Knowledge, which included Carter Beauford and the late LeRoi Moore, two of the founding members of The Dave Matthews Band. His curious nature took him to the world of finance where he became a successful financial executive and investment consultant for many years. 

After all those years away from making music professionally, Collins is climbing up the music industry ladder once again with original releases under The George Collins Band. He dropped his debut single “Down Easy” in November 2021, which currently has over 22,300 plays and The George Collins Band has over 9,500 monthly listeners on Spotify.

George’s songwriting is influenced by some of the greats such as Elvis Costello, The Beatles, and Tom Petty. The George Collins Band is a folk pop rock band, infused with that classic sound that everyone loves. His recent release, “It’s Been a Long Time”(April 29, 2022), combines the familiar with the new.

His new single, “It’s Been a Long Time,” tells the story of a person who is reminiscing about a lost love, and how it’s going to be a while until they “love that way again.” It is heartbreakingly beautiful. “It’s Been a Long Time” marries a contemporary pop rock vibe with classical guitar techniques. When it comes to lyrics, George is a poet. His framework for storytelling has a Paul McCartney essence to it. The lyrics have an Elvis Costello feel, accompanied by a melody comparable to those of Coldplay, Tom Petty, or even Counting Crows. The bassline is similar to Stefan Lessard’s of the Dave Matthews Band. The lead guitar’s tone is homogeneous to Fleetwood Mac’s guitars. “It’s Been a Long Time” ends with a Beatles-esque closing. 

Listen here:

“It’s Been a Long Time” is such an earworm, that it will leave listeners humming randomly throughout the week. Follow George Collins on social media to not miss any updates on the release of his much anticipated EP! “It’s Been a Long Time” is streaming on all music platforms.


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