Born from the ashes, Medivh’s new single ‘Rebirth’ specialises in being part of different musical worlds. Refusing to be limited to one specific avenue, the track will certainly be loved by fans of electronica, alternative rock and even progressive rock. Sounding somewhere between Steven Wilson, Porcupine Tree and Depeche Mode, this unlikely sound works perfectly.

Adding to the track’s inspiration, Medivh explain, “In a reality that always pushes you to the limit you have to be strong and rise again every day. Forgetting yesterday’s fears and failures, to have courage and fully living the present. We met a girl recently and we listened to her story. A brief meeting, but we kept it in our mind. It’s Marie Jane, a survivor. She’s fragile and strong at the same time: she’s very young but she already knows how tough life is. She’s been tempered by the storm and what she experienced has made her capable of rising from her own ashes. Every night she dies. Every day she is reborn to fight and feel alive”. Marie Jane is magnetic, a force of nature. She attracts you and you can’t help but want to be like her. She feeds on energy, she creates and destroys. Marie Jane is a Goddess and we can only stand and stare while she passes through our lives.”

Adrenaline packed anthem with layers of charisma!