Italian singer-songwriter Giulia has released the accompanying music video to her latest single ‘Trippin’ Out’. The video is a fun filled adventure in space that sees Giulia glide through various planets in her very own spaceship on a thrilling race through the night sky.

Following on from album ‘Raze Me To The Ground’, a release that saw Giulia dabble in the Country Rock meets Pop genres of music, new track ‘Trippin’ Out’ takes the singer in a totally experimental direction. Now incorporating in synth pop driven sounds into her newest material, the single is fun and lively yet still retains a feel of relatability within its lyrics. With the song’s storyline focusing on various life experiences all encountered by us all, from developing a sense of individuality to having the freedom to express oneself are all major themes set to bleed into Giulia’s imminent next album.

For now, the visual for ‘Trippin’ Out’ is a high intensity race through space as Giulia is on a mission to go to infinity and beyond. Filmed in Camberwell Studios, London the singer switches between various interstellar appropriate looks for the video’s different scenes. One scene sees Giulia styled in her space gear, wearing an all in one racer suit designed to drive her spaceship through floating planets. The next look for a scene in which the singer alongside co-star Ruby Lonsdale play up to the camera, as the pair are covered in neon splatters of UV paint that shine bright against the video’s dark night sky setting.

Jam packed with action and adventure ‘Trippin’ Out’ is the beginning of a new era of music for Giulia. With the track and music video both out now and the full length record set to be released soon, this year is shaping up to be a big one for this Italian born talent.