The enigmatic singer-songwriter Giulia has teased evidence of her return to the music scene in a post on Instagram. 


It has been confirmed that Giulia has been filming a new music video in Antwerp Mansion Manchester, UK, instead of in her home country of Italy. In the same post, Giulia (previously known for ‘Trippin’) confirmed that the song’s title will be “RENT” and even teased what look like lyrics in the hashtags (including “#rentafuckinghouse”)


In the photos, Giulia can be seen playing a piano, swinging on a swing in the middle of a dilapidated mansion room – wearing a variety of outfits. Amongst the looks are what appears to be a wedding dress, a conical bra (a la Madonna and Jean Paul Gautlier) and a leather suit in some of the most daring looks we’ve seen yet from this songstress.


If ‘Trippin’ is anything to go by, we’re in for a treat.