Think Sanity is serious music for people who struggle to be serious. The band continues to push forward under the premise of being “a musical mixing pot of all the things we need to say, but can’t,” Having spent much of 2019 and 2020 on hiatus, the band returned after working to develop new writing styles while exploring topics such as mental health with the satirical style that had led them to launch Think Sanity to begin with.

Think Sanity now return with their new hopeful alternative rock anthem titled ‘Trainwreck’ which is out now on all platforms. 

Talking about the process of creating ‘Trainwreck’ the band mention: 

“The album was recorded over the course of 2021 through three separate recording sessions the first time we went to the studio was the first time let’s think sanity we had been to a professional studio in Nashville Tennessee and the process of recording it was kind of stressful because we were wanting to make a very emotional and personal album that also was a much larger production than anything we had done before.”

Check out the new single right here: