Based in Brooklyn US singer-songwriter and guitarist Pherris is embarking on a new journey after being deeply inspired by Alternative RnB, Soul, Hip-Hop, and Dance music, and making music that is passionate and relatable to so many.

He music drives into the human condition, to all the emotions we feel and to the situations we go through in our day to day live. This is no different in his brand new track ‘Hit It’

‘Hit It’ is the first in a string of new releases for Pherris and is an honest take about a growing relationship with someone who is tied down with another and isn’t feeling desired in their current situation

Lyrically the track was an outlet to express his situation, which listeners can relate to and bounce off. When talking about the single Pherris explains, 

“Hit It” is a playful take on embracing the “side-piece” role. Pulling from an experience where I found myself in a “situationship” with a woman who had a long-time partner, and her relationship was lacking passion and intimacy. Her partner became too comfortable and started slacking in certain areas. I gladly filled the gaps. “Hit It” also serves as a warning shot to all people in relationships to not take your partner for granted and put in the work, or someone else will.”

‘Hit It’ is the follow up to Pherris’ debut single Y.T.M.F.G which has already caught the eyes of many, resulting in thousands of streams on Spotify Alone. With such an honest approach it’s hard to ignore the impact that his new single will create. 

‘Hit It’ is now available on all streaming platforms.