With an authentic blend of Alternative R&B, MyCompiledThoughts is now here with his despondent new single ‘No Life’ which is out now on all platforms. 

Haitian-Boston born; Los Angeles based artist MyCompiledThoughts is a modern-day Musical Philosopher. Drawing influence from Books and Movies he catches himself creating vivid images of life, love, pain, death, and heartbreak.

It comes with a moving new video:


Speaking about the creative process of the new single MyCompiledThoughts mentions:

“I record and produce a lot of my work. Which means that on any given day depending on how I feel the song can change, so this song started with an emptiness in the middle of my soul and got filled up with more musical emotions by Shane Dylan.”

‘No Life ‘is the follow up to his previous single, “Midnight Cookout” which detailed the balance between love and darkness. As an artist MyCompiledThoughts pushes the limitations of music and brings a breath of fresh air to the music scene. 

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