New to our RADAR here at Indie Music is Kent’s very own MODES who are knocking down doors with a blistering new single called ‘Restitution’.

With ‘Restitution’ the 4-piece metalcore band reflect on mental health, personal growth, and acceptance of change as individuals and as a group. As a band their vision is to offer help to all those that may need it.

Check out the official music video right here:


MODES frontman Ted Berry reveals that the new single is a song that stems from difficult times that we have seen our closest friends and loved ones go through. Needing to give them support and a shoulder to lean on, while feeling that we can’t explain how or why we know what it’s like to be there because in that moment it’s not about us ,it’s about helping them”

You can hear more great music from the formidable metal outfit on their Spotify.