In ‘Just A Friend’ we hear Kathleen’s ability to inspire the audience throughout the duration of the track. It opens up with a crescendo of elegant instrumentation which is driven by the pulse of the piano. The music allows Kathleen’s stunning vocal delivery to take centre stage where she moves listeners through the emotion portrayed in her lyrics. 

Talking about the single Kathleen Farless mentions,

“Another heartbreaking song. Loving someone who will never love you back because you are JUST A FRIEND. The only solution, the remedy in order to heal is to walk away from the situation.”

Born and raised in the Philippines, and an LA dweller for 22 years, Kathleen’s stage presence is bright and confident with great crossover appeal. With musical influences that span Coldplay, The Imagine Dragons, One Republic, Freddie Mercury and Queen, Kelly Clarkson, and Broadway star Lea Salonga, it’s no wonder Kathleen’s music resists definitive categories. The archetypal “hard working woman” performer, Kathleen truly puts the “independent” in independent artists.

Close your eyes and listen and you’ll understand why her music is perfectly set, whether the backdrop is an intimate coffee house, a Mariah Carey-esque Christmas album, or the soundtrack of the next big screen romance.

‘Just A Friend’ is filled with warm and inviting tones alongside her distinctive and refreshing flow, this new effort indicates she is more than ready to take on 2022.

Check it out here.