In Abduction we hear KAIS’ ability to continue profoundly explorative music that challenges society’s constricting constructs that inhibit actualisation. The track opens up with a beautiful resonating piano lead line backed by the addition of a progressive beat which makes listeners hold on to every movement. The music builds to allow KAIS’s stunning vocal delivery to take centre stage where he moves listeners through the emotion portrayed in his lyrics. 

Talking about the single KAIS mentions,

“Abduction is a song about the incapacity that comes with being afraid of being seen by the other in a relationship, leaving whole landscapes within either soul undiscovered, unlived, ‘abducted’ by fear. It stresses the importance of taking things slow to better visualise your bearings and move through challenges from a place of heart, love.”

At the outset of his music career, he addressed global topics before turning his attention to the drab difficulties and profound beauty of being human and lyrically dipped into meta poetry. As a lover of the metaphysical, KAIS’ work consists of finding the balance between natural inclinations and the demands in an ego-driven late-stage capitalist world. His wanderlust tendencies have seen him gracing global stages since the early 2000s as an independent touring artist.

There is pure heart and soul in the music that KAIS creates and It’s clear that he puts his life on the line for his craft. With the imminent release of ‘Abduction’ there will be no stopping KAIS in bringing together his visions making him such an exciting watch for 2022. 

Check out the single right here.