Drew Connelly has been in enough under the radar bands to fill a stage at a summer music festival. There was the high school punk band, the college metalcore band that toured the country and flamed out, or the 90’s rock cover band playing Gin Blossoms hits for drunk moms. A little piece of all of these have found their way into Princeton, NJ’s Deskjobs.

Deskjobs now returns with his new energetic alternative rock anthem titled ‘What’s So Bad About Feeling Good’ which is out now on all platforms. 

“Like all of my recent singles, this track was recorded and produced by me in my home studio in New Jersey. The drums came from Jeff Martin, a session drummer in Ohio that I frequently collaborate with. After tracking, it was shipped off to Jon Gunnell for mixing (The Juliana Theory, Satin Gum) and Garrett Haines for mastering (Nirvana, Wiz Khalifa, Zao).”

Drawing influences from Blink-182 to Elvis Costello, Deskjobs mixes crunchy guitars, poppy hooks, and a dash of suburban ennui which is ever present in his new single.

‘What’s So Bad About Feeling Good’ is available on streaming platforms now.