A journey through pain, growth and healing – Anita Luki’s music will leave you weak at the knees. The London based artist Anita Luki is back with R&B offering ‘LYM (love version)’, and we can confirm it’s a gorgeous adventure through the emotions. Armed with a stripped back production and elegant vocals, the track is emotive and bathed in a powerful arrangement. On the release, Anita shares, This is a conversation between my present and younger self”.

Taken from her debut EP ‘Love Your Mind’, Anita’s songwriting stems from her love for playing the piano – a true love that’s stuck around since a young age. Playing a huge role in many of her songs, emotive piano melodies and passionate vocals are Anita’s forte. Consisting of tracks that use her running themes of captivating harmonies and emotional lyricism, Anita’s discography sits between Pop and R&B.