Sasha Siem is a little different from your average musician. Her first musical composition was an instrumental accompaniment to Maya Angelou’s famous poem, “A Caged Bird Sings”. She later attended the University of Cambridge before receiving a PhD from Harvard University in music and poetry. This intellectual approach turned a multitude of heads, the most recent being those at The Daily Front Row.


The Fashion Media Awards, hosted by The Daily Front Row, is the unofficial opening party for the prestigious New York Fashion Week. Here, Siem saw her name amongst a range of star-studded guests, including Kate Moss, Zendaya, and British Vogue editor Edward Enninful as honourees at the annual awards ceremony. Siem performed, the first ever musician to do so, during the awards ceremony, which is held atop NYC’s storied Rockerfeller Centre in the Rainbow Room. 


In addition to performing at this prestigious event, Sasha Siem was the recipient of the highly sought-after ‘New Wave’ artist of the year award. 


“We identified Sasha this winter as an up-and-coming artist who commands your attention,” says Brandusa Niro, Editor-in-Chief and CEO of The Daily Front Row. “She has an incredibly unique, poetic voice, and a message that resonates with anyone who listens. She was a natural to receive our first ever ‘New Wave’ award, and a fitting choice to be the only artist we’ve ever invited to sing at the Fashion Media Awards.”


Sasha Siem is no stranger to ‘firsts’. She has been making innovative moves from very early on in her career, recording songs in the enigmatic ‘Love Frequency’, meaning that her music has an effect on a molecular level. With a performance like the FMAs under her belt and an album coming out later this year, it’s exciting to try to predict what this eclectic and intellectual artist has next up her sleeve!

Watch Sasha’s performance of her feminist anthem Eve Eyed, at a women’s circle in Fitsrovia Chapel in London: