Post-hardcore punk music is a genre that should be more relevant than ever but is surprisingly scarce in 2021. Considering this packed year, the lack of hard-hitting post-hardcore punk music is an oddity. Thankfully, Salt Lake-based band in\error is looking to change that, dropping their brand new EP “Death By Design.” So, does it carry the torch for post-hardcore punk? Read on to find out.

For those not in the know, in\error is a lyrically and sonically driven band, with a fierce and emotional vibe that carries through into a lot of their music. Despite how young the band is, having only been established in 2020, they’ve already defined their style and gained a loyal following, and this sound carries over to their debut EP, “Death By Design.”

Made to be a heavy experience, “Death By Design” features songs that dive into deeper topics such as depression, anger, anxiety, and heartbreak, and this is apparent from the first track, “Give It Up.” Every song carries moody, dark, and emotional overtones, with clever writing and literate wordplay making up the bulk of the EP’s lyrics. It’s a good approach for topics like these.

The writing on the album is raw and emotional, with vocalist Jesse McGivney laying himself out completely. Lines like “When you ask me if I’m okay, well if I could then I would fade away, I’m trying hard to maintain, but it always stays the same,” hit with plenty of emotional impact, and are heavily relatable for anyone who’s ever had experiences like these.

The songs get heavier and more intense as the EP continues, especially with tracks like “Spiraling” and the title track itself. Building on the foundation they’ve laid out in the first half of the EP, in\error find plenty of room to change their sound slightly without ever straying too far from the original promise of a heavy-hitting emotional EP. Elements of metal and other genres are mixed in, but not enough to dilute the hardcore punk tones the band specializes in.

The sound mixing on the EP is excellent, layered thick, and sounds incredible on every track. It’s a very consistent project, with none of the tracks being noticeable worse than the others. In fact, there’s a surprising amount of quality in every single song, and it makes for an endearing listen.

We really enjoyed “Death By Design,” it’s a solid EP from a band that knows exactly what they’re doing. On top of that, as a debut, it works wonders with establishing the band and their signature sound. We cannot wait to see what in\error have in store for us next.