Known professionally as the Dorons, the Rosenfield family is a four-piece band made up of seasoned pros and formally trained musicians specializing in thought-provoking Indie rock.  The Providence, Rhode Island-based quartet features a mom, a dad, and two brothers. “Never in a million years did I dream I would be in a band with my wife and our two sons. It’s such a joy — everyone in our group is passionate about the music, and they each make great contributions to the band,” says Norman Rosenfield, lead guitarist and dad.

The band unofficially came together back in 2017 when older brother Aryeh, then a music major in college, had a senior recital and decided to recruit his family to play with him for the occasion. Mom and dad had retired as performing musicians, previously vets of the ’80s and ’90s Boston alt-rock scene. Younger brother Yosef had only been playing guitar for three years. Nonetheless, the band played a daunting multi-album-themed set covering iconic releases by the Clash, the Rolling Stones, and Jimi Hendrix.

The alternative rock band recently release their album, The Doronic Verses, featuring their alt rock single “This New Poison,” which has a Greta Van Fleet-esque swagger with smoldering bluesy lead guitar. The song invites the listener – and the writer! – to examine the cracks in our approach to life. How did we get where we are? Why do we think as we do? What and whom in our lives are we allowing to influence us, and do they really merit that privilege? Are we just serial espousers of the ’cause du jour’? Is there, perhaps, a bit of hypocrisy lurking beneath our self-righteousness? These are not easy questions, but “This New Poison” invites us to ponder them.

“I wrote ‘This New Poison’ as a response to a song I once heard that fostered a rather cavalier, ‘anything goes’ attitude toward the meaning of life and, indeed, life itself. The lyricist, however, while ostensibly hailing a ‘you do you’ stance, proceeded to wax judgmental toward those who had chosen paths divergent from their own,” shares mom and drummer Janice. “The thing is, you can’t have it both ways.”

“When my mom, Janice, came to me with the lyrics for ‘This New Poison,’ I read them and knew instantly that they would be the perfect candidate for such music,” adds younger brother Yosef.

The music of the Dorons evokes contemporary folk-rock, singer-songwriter, and alt-rock styles with searing lead guitar playing, impassioned vocals, sage and sensitive lyrics, earworm hooks, and a stirring acoustic-rock foundation. Their songs also contain nuanced rhythm section interplay. The band’s evocative name is fascinatingly layered. It references the Doors and the bittersweet minor scale, the Dorian mode, plus it hilariously rhymes with “morons.” Additionally, the word “dor” in Hebrew means “generation,” which speaks to the multigenerational nature of the band.

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